Organizational Storytelling

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    Storytelling is the art of making sense

    You already know there’s more to storytelling than just telling a cute story. But there seems not to be any storyteller who understands the reality of your business? Well, happy to meet!

    This is storytelling without fairy tales: illuminating strategy, aligning teams around shared passion, building brands from within. 

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    "People will congregate around ideas and stories, not data points and spreadsheets."

    - Christel Quek
    in Harvard Business Review

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    The Rotys approach to storytelling... not a five, nine or twelve step template to craft anecdotes that sell well. It is not a presentation training with a nice wrapper around it. And it definitely has nothing to do with magic or fairy tales.

    That all has a lot to do with this frequent misunderstanding about storytelling. Telling a story is not storytelling as you're looking for it in business. As soon as an organization wants to transcend the individual's capability to present well, you are actually talking about organizational storytelling (OS).

    The ROTYS approach to storytelling is build upon the notion of OS, tailored to be highly applicable in business. It reasons from a business strategy perspective, uses powerful concepts from creative marketing/ growth hacking/ communications, covered with age old methods from theatre and arts, Hollywood-sprinkles on top.


    “How do we bring our company's global vision story into different European countries with different cultures and languages? ROTYS showed us how to deliver our and our customers’ story with impact. We also learned how to inspire each other with perfect narratives of our vision story.”

    — ACHIEL STURM •Marketing Director EMEA •Topcon Positioning

    “We knew that there would be no transformation in our company if our colleagues would not relate to the goal. Ruben showed us: it is not about you what you want to tell them, it is about what they will listen to. Which resulted in the great global story of our company, in which we all play our leading role."

    — LONNEKE VAN GERWEN •Global Communication Manager •Dorel Juvenile