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    never  was something
    you do alone

    Everybody who has tried knows how hard it is to get a message into the hearts and minds of your team or organization. Yet, it is so indispensable. Because the right story shows 'where we're going' and tells 'what we're doing'.

    At ROTYS we help teams to find and tell the story that fits their goal. A story that helps to envision innovation, helps building the right team, or gives an immersive insight in the new strategy.

    The goal changes with every project, but our work is always the same: using story to achieve!


    "People will congregate around ideas and stories, not data points and spreadsheets."

    - Christel Quek
    in Harvard Business Review

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    • Kicking off a project?
    • Seek to influence?
    • Launching partnerships?
    • Onboarding a new team?
    • Rolling out a new strategy?
    • In a corporate identity crisis?
    • In need of a tailored sized myth?
    • Want brand magnetism from within?
    • No idea where to start your startup?
    • Ready to meet your next innovation?

    “How do we bring our company's global vision story into different European countries with different cultures and languages? ROTYS showed us how to deliver our and our customers’ story with impact. We also learned how to inspire each other with perfect narratives of our vision story.”

    — ACHIEL STURM • Marketing Director Topcon Positioning Group


    Ruben Blom

    story coach & mission lead


    Jelle Bolijn

    Story coach & producer


    Eva Goudsmit

    story coach & method developer


    Jos Rouw

    brand lead & storyteller