Story can be an answer to anything. Wherever groups of people try to achieve something, there is a story -a set of shared narratives- that gives meaning to their efforts. And as it gives meaning, it helps to align, focus and envision.

Think of our following experiences:

Project kickoff - find out the main narrative of the project. Get strategy outlines, alignment ánd communication done in one day.

(Re)branding or campaign - find the creative idea that induces brand magnetism. Get the narrative into the hearts and minds of everyone in the team. Also for creative agencies who are looking for the extra push.

Change projects - give meaning to change and turn it into a collective effort. Learn how to make change meaningful enough to make it part of your branding.

Startup ideas - turn your very first idea into a compelling story that gets people behind your mission. Learn how to form teams, orchestrate action and get your narrative into everything you do.

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