storytelling becomes teamwork

Impactful sessions built around your story, providing you with a fresh perspective on branding, culture and leadership.

Find your organization's Collective Narrative and learn how to put it to good use in our Discovery Workshop. Turn strategy into dreams, connect to your 'bigger picture' and learn how to make it real. 

Story workouts are creative deep dives on the own identity. In playful and meaningful sessions teams explore their story, gaining a new understanding about the situation today and discovering impactful options for tomorrow.

Learn how dreams materialize in our Leadership Track. The leaders' stories are the source of all action and behaviour in an organization. Get in touch with your leadership story and understand how to get people behind it.

Storytelling for teams is not a new way of storytelling, it is adding what the storytelling industry is missing: the knowledge to turn individual storytelling into a team effort! 

Leadership and focus.
Vision, creativity, imagination.
Teamwork and collaboration.
Brand magnetism.

When used right, a story can bring a lot to an organization or a team. 
Why aren’t we paying more attention to it?

“We’ve got our company’s global vision story. But how do we bring the same story into different European countries with different cultures and languages? Using personal related professional successes, Rotys learned us how to deliver our and our customers’ story with impact. And at the same time inspire each other with perfect narratives of our vision story.”

— ACHIEL STURM • Marketing Director • Topcon Positioning Group

Discovery Workshop Rotys

Discovery Workshop

It’s about

  • Discover your Collective Narrative
  • Network on 'who we are' and 'where we're going'
  • Experience how you make storytelling a team effort
  • Learn how to go from dream to fulfilment
  • Enhance individual storytelling qualities

An impactful learning experience that won't be forgotten soon...  
Get a deep understanding of the bigger story that makes you 'you', connect with a sense of purpose and gain a wider perspective on your organization and brand.

In this program teams are fuelled with ideas and creativity about the own identity. The Discovery Workshop trains the team in the process of Organizational Storytelling and enhances individual storytelling qualities.

You are

Any team of up to 15 people. (Bigger teams split up.)

You get

  • Intake of the team (learning experience is customized)
  • One day workshop, location, catering
  • An insightful document mapping your ‘Collective Narrative'
  • An inspiring (lunch) session to follow up on your story

After the Discovery track, you’ll receive our findings on paper. The so called Creative Platform insightfully documents your Collective Narrative. This is not just a follow up hand out: the Creative Platform can serve as the central creative idea for your next campaign, be the fundament of innovation or even inspire the next update of your business strategy.

Afterwards, you'll

  • Understand how story influences behaviour
  • Be a better storyteller both individual as organizational
  • Start to direct your own story: rewrite it, enhance it, become it!
  • Have a strong creative platform to build upon with branding, strategy and innovation

You invest

5000,- ex VAT (21%)


*This price goes for a single group for a single day. 
Bigger group or any special requests for the program?
Be in touch to get your custom price!


Determine the Next Chapter

Story Workout

it's about

Networking on your team's theme. What are you guys about? What is important to you? How does that connect you as a team and how does it influence your focus and behaviour? How could you enhance that? 

Make the actualities meaningful by exploring them in the perspective of your teams Collective Narrative (your theme). Make your actions purposeful by 'writing' the next chapters of your team's story.  

you are

Any group of up to 15 people. (Bigger teams split up.)

you get

  • Intake and planning
  • A 3.5 hrs session, preparations and material
  • Follow up and instrumental hand out

afterwards you'll

  • Have a fresh perspective on the running business
  • Be full of new ideas, be excited to initiate new dynamic
  • Make effort to grow your story's audience and co-tellers
  • Know impactful games and exercises to use in your internal sessions

you invest

1.200,- ex. VAT (21%)


*This price goes for a single group for a single session. 
Bigger group or looking for a cyclic program?
Be in touch to get your custom price!


Leadership Storytelling

Leadership Tracks


It’s about

Unleash your potential as a speaker, as a storyteller, as a leader. Get to understand your leadership story in every detail and learn how to connect people to your dream. Enhance your personal storytelling qualities. Use your story as the heartbeat of your business strategy.

Learn how to evolve and scale your story, bringing it from concept to reality. Understand how to use your story as a platform for collaboration and leadership. Discover how your story will be the fundament of your marketing.

For leaders within organizations: Leadership Storytelling enables you to connect your personal leadership story to the business strategy. How do you fit in the bigger picture? What is your role in the story?

You are

A business leader at any level or an entrepreneur (often post-launch), eager to find out how to get other people on board with your story. 

You get

A one-on-one track of 3 to 5 sessions, intensive intake, a personal plan to enhance your impact.

Leadership Storytelling greatly combines with the Discovery Workshop for your team: Rotys ánd your team will support the take-off and (early days) development of your story! 

Afterwards, you'll

Have deepened your understanding of the story system you want to influence. You’ll benefit from tangible insights into your role as a leader and a storyteller. You’ll connect dreams to the organization’s everyday reality.


Can we take part in your story?

The Story of Everything


It’s about

Our signature lecture The Story of Everything brings a tempting and seemingly obvious alternative for today's marketing dogma.  Look at the world of brands and marketing through the eyes of a storyteller and discover that not everything you do in marketing seems logical... 

The Story of Everything is a mesmerising, inspiring and by times a somewhat frightening talk about Rotys' vision to a better world. A story in which you (who ever you are) play a key role!

You are

In-house or hosted: any group interested in communications, branding, identity, marketing, communities, cultural development, start-up theory, mass-psychology, world economy, linguistics. Great for team days, an outstanding treat for congres audiences!

Individuals: we'll soon show our calendar here. Keep an eye on us on LinkedIn to be informed on occasions where you can find us! 

You get

An interesting and inspiring talk (1hr to 2.5hr), eloquently delivered by Rotys founder Ruben Blom. An intensive intake (to tailor the talk to the group and occasion). A beautifully designed hand out.

Afterwards, you'll

  • Have a new way of looking at identity and branding
  • Be able to articulate meaningful and purposeful propositions
  • Understand a terrific new approach to framing a brand identity
  • Contribute to a better world

Please get in touch to find out how we can adapt this program to your need!



About your trainer


Ruben Blom
Founder of ROTYS

Growing up at a publishing house for children's books, Ruben Blom immersed himself in the world of stories. Stories in all shapes and sizes. This gave him a hunch he couldn't yet grasp, but which would guide him later on.

He studied theatre and went on to become a speakers coach for leaders at well-known corporates. During those years, he found out how to follow this hunch he had. A hunch that said something wasn't quite right. Something feels wrong when it comes to the way people and organizations present and position themselves.

Ruben moved on to become a copywriter and creative consultant. He gradually developed his Organizational Storytelling approach. To identify the 'story culture' in any organization, to grab these stories and to help people benefit from them.

He has hosted many workshops within his branding and communications programmes at (among others) Cisco Systems, Dorel Juvenile, and Topcon Positioning.

Ruben is highly inspirational as a speaker and trainer. He has the ability to present his Organizational Storytelling approach in an engaging and accessible way to any audience. He knows how to adapt to his participants and is ready to make adjustments to his methods and exercises whenever necessary.

People who attend his workshops can be sure Ruben will ignite a spark. You may realize you have had a similar hunch all along - but now, you know how to act upon it.


Ruben on LinkedIN

“We knew that there would be no transformation in our company if our colleagues would not relate to the goal. Ruben showed us: it is not about you what you want to tell them, it is about what they will listen to. Which resulted in the great global story of our company, in which we all play our leading role.”
— LONNEKE VAN GERWEN • Global Communication Manager • Dorel Juvenile

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