Discovery Workshop - get your story documented

Discovery Workshop

An impactful learning experience that won't be forgotten soon thanks to the powerful creative capture you receive of your story afterwards. 

  • Discover your Collective Narrative
  • Network on 'who we are' and 'where we're going'
  • Experience how you make storytelling a team effort
  • Learn how to go from dream to fulfilment
  • Enhance individual storytelling qualities

In this program teams are fuelled with ideas and creativity about their own identity. The Discovery Workshop trains the team in the process of Team Storytelling and enhances individual storytelling qualities. Get a deep understanding of the bigger story that makes you 'you', connect with a sense of purpose and gain a wider perspective on your organisation and brand.


Any team of up to 15 people. (Bigger teams split up.)


  • Intake of the team (learning experience is customized)
  • One day workshop, location, catering
  • An insightful document mapping your ‘Collective Narrative'
  • An inspiring (lunch) session to follow up on your story

After the Discovery track, you’ll receive our findings on paper. The so called Creative Platform insightfully documents your Collective Narrative. This is not just a follow up hand out: the Creative Platform can serve as the central creative idea for your next campaign, be the fundament of innovation or even inspire the next update of your business strategy.


  • Understand how story influences behaviour
  • Be a better storyteller both individual as organizational
  • Start to direct your own story: rewrite it, enhance it, become it!
  • Have a strong creative platform to build upon with branding, strategy and innovation


5000,- ex VAT (21%)*

*This price goes for a single group for a single day. 
Bigger group or any special requests for the program?
Be in touch to get your custom price!