Story Workouts - write the next chapter

Story workouts

Networking on your team's theme. What are you guys about? What is important to you? How does that connect you as a team and how does it influence your focus and behaviour? How could you enhance that? 

Make the actualities meaningful by exploring them in the perspective of your teams Collective Narrative (your theme). Make your actions purposeful by 'writing' the next chapters of your team's story.  

Any group of up to 15 people. (Bigger teams split up.)
Preferably already possessing a Creative Platform of your Collective Narrative. 


  • Intake and handling
  • A 3.5 hrs session, preparations and material
  • Follow up and instrumental hand out


  • Have a fresh perspective on the running business
  • Be full of new ideas, be excited to initiate new dynamic
  • Make effort to grow your story's audience and co-tellers
  • Use impactful games and exercises in your next internal session


1.900,- ex. VAT (21%)*

*This price goes for a single group for a single session. 
Bigger group or looking for a cyclic program?
Be in touch to get your custom price!