Storytelling for Teams - basics

Storytelling for Teams

Story can either be a source for stability ór change. By discovering the narrative that binds you as a group, a new source of creativity and alignment emerges. What happens when you learn to tell this story collectively? 

Storytelling for Teams shows the techniques to make storytelling into a team effort. Whether you are an existing or soon-to-be team or a storytelling enthusiastic who wants to learn how to lead from story, this mesmerising workshop is for you.

  • Find impactful narratives to activate and align your team
  • Understand how to create brand magnetism from within
  • Become a better storyteller (even when you don't tell)
  • Learn how to grow an audience and create actors
  • Get tools to create your own tailored sized myth

Storytelling for Teams makes organisations more efficient in broadcasting a powerful narrative ánd living up to it. Become aware of your shared story and put it to use in all your actions, behaviour and communications. Enable teams to collaborate more deeply on topics that are most important to you and learn how to grow your story from there.


For who:
For teams (or soon-to-be-teams) and professionals interested in storytelling-next-steps. Suited for in house groups up to 12 people, but also available as keynote and break out session.

In house: 3.5hrs including break
Keynote / break out: 45 to 90 minutes

Intake to tailor your session, practical handout

€ 1.900,- excl. VAT 21%